Pure Pug Puppies For Adoption

The Pug’s motto is the Latin phrase “multum in parvo” (a lot in a little)—an apparent description of this small but muscular breed. They come in three colors: silver or apricot-fawn with a black face mask, or all black. The large round head, the big, sparkling eyes, and the wrinkled brow give Pugs a range of human-like expressions—surprise, happiness, curiosity—that have delighted owners for centuries.


Pugs are good-natured, playful, and outgoing dogs who are known for their loving dispositions and especially their love for people. Pugs are typically great family dogs who get along well with other pets and children. Since they don’t require a ton of exercise, Pugs are great dogs for apartment-dwellers.

They are perfectly content to be lap dogs, but Pugs still enjoy playing and romping around in the yard. These dogs are generally very trainable, and they typically respond well to reward-based training and positive reinforcement. However, Pugs can be difficult to housebreak, so it’s important to pay close attention to them and learn the signs of when they need to go out.

Great for Kids

Pugs adore kids, and unlike other small breeds, their sturdy bodies mean they won’t get hurt as easily by rough play.

Great for Small Homes

Pugs are borderline lazy dogs, and their classification in the toy group of breeds means they adapt well to apartment life.

Absolutely Adorable

There’s just something about that smooshed face and goofy grin that makes Pugs absolutely adorable and endearing.



Pugs are sometimes called the clowns of the dog world. These pups love to show off and play with their owners.

Ready for Adventure

These stocky, portable pups might be a bit lazy, but they’re always ready to tag along on your next big adventure as your constant shadow.


Pugs are adaptable and forgiving dogs. Although they can be a bit stubborn with training, they’re always eager to please.

Pug Puppy Alumni

Finding the perfect Pug puppy has never been easier